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Interview: Basshunter

This Fresher's Week, Georgia and Brian had a chat to Basshunter.
Rachel Earnshaw

Interview with Architects

Rosie and Emma chat to Sam and Dan from Architects on the final day of Leeds Festival.
Emma Glicher




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FILTH World Premiere

We caught up with James McAvoy, Irvine Welsh and director Jon S Baird at the FILTH world premiere.
Elyse Jamieson



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Interview: Anil Desai

Michelle and Niomi chat to impressionist and 'stand-up chameleon' Anil Desai about his latest Fringe show 'Anil Desai's Last Night at the Movies. A few famous voices appear on the show too!
Niomi Fraser
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Interview - 25 Hour Show: 'Room'

Emma and Michelle chat to the performers from 'Room' during charity show hour 9. 'Room' is an experience that takes one audience member through a 25 minute response to their imagination. Find out what happens when Michelle becomes an audience member.
Niomi Fraser
 2014livescr 6a

Interview - 25 Hour Show: The Live Scriber

Emma and Michelle chat to Pete and Harry from 'The Live Scriber' during hour 8 of Fresh Fringe's 25 hour show for Waverley Care. They also all compete in a clay animal making competition judged by Art Cook.
Niomi Fraser

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You're now on air with Andy for Alternatively, it could be Indie! Your weekly dose of all the alt/indie my limited taste can muster. 20/10/14 20:01

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we want your thoughts on kanye west and also michelle williams. is he arrogant? is she underrated? holla at us 20/10/14 18:18

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