Fresh Fringe Review: KelFi & FiKel

As you enter the venue to take your seat KelFi and FiKel are sitting on stage discussing the running of the show amongst themselves. ‘Song, sketch, song, song, can’t use the C word.’ The almost inaudible mutterings getting more and more bizarre as the audience waits for the show to begin. It’s a nice way to start the show as they then go into their introduction via song rather than a disembodied voice from offstage.

KelFi and FiKel are billed as a twisted, musical, all female comedy duo all the way from Australia. They present you with a show filled with close to the knuckle and filthy humour via songs that will be stuck in your head after you leave, as well as a range of sketches that have absolutely no relevance to the rest of the show, or each other. This random approach to the subject used for sketches works well with their style of comedy. This sometimes feels disjoined and hinders the flow of a show however in this instance it really worked to their advantage and added to the humour of each piece. The pair, clad in matching glittery Ugg style boots work on a relatively small stage with a keyboard, table and selection of hats and props for their range of musical numbers and sketches. They work fantastically together to use the space really well and you can see that they enjoy what they are doing as it comes out in their show and can’t help but be contagious for the audience.

Their crude humour is taken as far as it can possibly go and has the audience belly laughing from beginning to end. Needless to say this show is not for the feint hearted or easily offended, be prepared for strong language and adult content throughout as well as an enjoyable hour of entertainment.

KelFi & FiKel. Gilded Balloon. Until the 25th of August. 21:30. Suitable for age 16+. £10.50/£9.50

Reviewed by Kayleigh Sparks for FreshFringe

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