Do you like Harry Potter? No, I mean do you ACTUALLY Like Harry Potter, ‘like’ with a capital L? Do you like the books to an extent where the mere attempt of being light-hearted about the subject is a cardinal sin and you consider the films let alone stage versions an abomination? Then you should go and see this show! You will hate it and maybe rethink your attitude. Get over it, it’s just a book. If, however, you just like Harry Potter or are a bit more than aware of the matter and its following, there’s a good chance you will love this show. That is if you get into the room. This is probably one of the most sought after free shows at the Fringe, which isn’t always an indicator of quality, but in this case it is. More advice: this is not a kid’s show. While there isn’t any strong language, there are adult themes, sort of adult-ish themes.

The premise is simple, the execution? Not so much. Four guys re-enact Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. But, how? Yeah, that’s a very good question. One might doubt they thought it through. But then they just go and do it, and without giving away too much, it is hilarious. The show is fast paced and highly energetic, to use two of the most-over used review phrases, but they really apply to the farcical shenanigans this group get up to. At the end of it, maybe not every little detail has been told, but you get the gist and morale - even if it wasn’t quite what you took away from the books or films. But that’s okay seeing after 19 years (!), it might be time to get a new perspective on Harry Potter and you might as well laugh at it.

4 Stars - **

Pottervision is on at Cabaret Voltaire at 1pm.

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