You are in for such a treat: Foxdog Studios are at the Fringe!

Lloyd Henning and Peter Sutton, Uncle and Nephew, create a new world and invite, even order, the audience to explore it. In this case, this is not just metaphorically or a world present only in the minds of performers and viewers. The duo has actually programmed an interactive world to which the audience actively contributes. The show includes understated acting, original live music and video gaming with adventure appeal. The humour is dry and witty and at times quite surreal. The story telling through ought the game reminds of that in Naboo in Mighty Boosh (series 3), which is a very good thing if you are a fan of off-beat comedy.

The show is a unique and fully enjoyable experience even for those less versed in all things IT (like me) and I’ve never seen a show like this before. If this hasn’t convinced you to take up the long hike down south (10 brisk walking minutes from George Square), then maybe the promise of homemade pasties will or definitely should.

5 Stars - *****

Everyday at the Cellar Monkey at 11.15pm

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