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Titp coverage 1

T in the Park 2015

Kate and Ellie ticked TITP off their bucket list at the new Strathallan site.
Ellie Brennan




Sandy alex g by sonny malhotra 9477

Interview: Alex G

Before his first Glasgow show, we sat down with emo angel Alex G to chat 'the scene', DIY and the other Alex G.
Rachel Earnshaw
Speedy ortiz

Interview: Speedy Ortiz

In August 2014, Speedy Ortiz were preparing for a show at Electric Circus. We nipped in to chat festivals, Harry Styles and the East Coast scene.
Rachel Earnshaw

Interview: Girlpool

In November 2014, Girlpool prepared for their first UK show for feminist collective TYCI's 2nd birthday party. We sat down for a a chat beforehand.
Rachel Earnshaw

Leeds Festival


The People of Leeds Festival

We chatted to the people of Leeds Festival and asked them about their highlights, essential items and the weirdest things they've seen over the weekend.
Emma Glicher