Week Two Playlist Reviews

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Ben Pearce - What I Might Do

Now I don’t know much about house, but even to my shamefully untrained ears, this is a bit of a tune. The constant onslaught of the vocals from Anthony Hamilton sample makes it a bit of an earworm as well. On a side note, the video shows a fantastic variety of people’s dancing skills and is hilarious and heartwarming in equal measures Holly Read-Challen

Anna Calvi – Suddenly

One of the most talented singers and musicians of the newer generation of British songwriters, Calvi leads up to her sophomore LP with a typically dramatic and stunning new single showcasing just why she’s garnered so much critical respect. Emmett Cruddas

Sleigh Bells- Bitter Rivals

Sleigh Bells are a band who’ve always had heaps of attitude. This song suggests that attitude is evolving into an almost pop-punk badassery, with singer Alexis Krauss’ sugar sweet vocals in the hook cut up with old school Sleigh Bells shredded guitars. HRC

Chance The Rapper – Chain Smoker

Taken from near the end of Acid Rap, Chance’s excellent mix tape released in April this year, Chain Smoker combines so many of the elements that make the young Chicago rapper so exciting. Confidently switching between R&B style singing and his unique rolling flow help to give Chance an entirely unique sound and remind us that Acid Rap belongs firmly in the conversation for best hip hop record of the year. Bryce Lucas

Jinja Safari- Mombassa on the Line

Continuing in a long line of excellent summery songs streaming out of Australia, the latest song from the Sydney natives merges Aussie laidback cool with some Vampire Weekend-laced African rhythms. Richard Fitzpatrick

King Krule – Neptune Estate

Enigmatic young Londoner Archy Marshall gets his croon on with this beautifully low-key highlight from Six Feet Beneath The Moon. Betraying influences from Chet Baker to J Dilla on the vocals and production respectively, fans of The XX and D’Angelo will find this subdued soul track hard to resist. EC

Luxury – We Do

With just as much upbeat percussion and ridiculously catchy vocals as you’d expect a Disclosure co-production to be, new Method records signees Luxury are sure to be heard in everyone’s House-Pop mixes for months to come. EC

Alba Lua – When I’m Roaming Free

There are now two good things from Bordeaux: Wine and Alba Lua. Pop music insipired by The Byrds and their 60’s vocal harmonies. Robin Ecoeur

Mikhael Paskalev- I Spy

With a video featuring some great dancing in your pants action, this song zips along with some fairly nonsensical lyrics but with an earworm that’ll be with you for the rest of the day. RF

Only Real – Punks and Potions

Featuring a nicely Graham Coxon-indebted guitar intro and some great production, West Londoner Niall Galvin comes across as a more likable Jamie T on this choice cut from EP Days In The City. EC

Superchunk – Me and You and Jackie Mittoo

Mac McCaughan’s legendary indie rock outfit’s second post-reunion LP I Hate Music is loaded with perfectly-crafted power pop hits. None of which are more irresistible than this Big Star-aping 120 seconds of nostalgia, remembrance and some of the best songwriting heard this year in any genre.

Wilkinson- Afterglow

This song is both dancefloor-ready and chilled out at the same time. How? With almost melancholy piano melodies and Becky Hill’s beautiful, emotional vocals served over drum & bass beats, that’s how. HRC

Bondax – Giving It All

RnB/House/Disco hitmakers and Hype Machine stalwarts Bondax come out with another smooth and likeable dancefloor-ready track just as the cold sets in. EC

Phoenix (Feat. R Kelly) – Trying To Be Cool

Following a headline-grabbing mashup performance at Coachella, the R&B monolith and Soula Coaster author hops on one of the catchiest tracks from the Parisian dance-pop quartet’s April LP Bankrupt!, serving to enhance their already self-evident disco tendencies. EC

The Spook School – I’ll Be Honest

Fantastic and idiosyncratic indie-pop from local favourites The Spook School. ‘I’ll Be Honest’ is one of the catchiest and most insistent cuts from FreshAir’s Album of the Week Dress Up. EC

The Orwells- Who Needs You

The Orwells are my new favorite band, and I’ve only heard this one song. It is a perfect scrappy, witty garage punk song, with loose, stomping drums and a damn good riff. The lyrics are great too, with the age old punk theme of railing against ‘the man’, n’ stuff. HRC

Charlotte Church- I Can Dream

Ms Church has undergone a dramatic shift in style over the past few years. Now in full artistic control, the depth and range of her music library begins to shine through. This track, taking in operatic vocals, guitar/synth wig-outs and stop/start segments, showcases a woman unafraid of taking a risk. In short, it’s paying off. RF

Wet – No Lie

Sadly not a 2 Chainz cover, this Brooklyn three-piece are, like their contemporaries from across the pond London Grammar, making Slowcore in RnB’s clothing trendy. EC

Friend Within – The Renegade

House producer Friend Within has a really strong ear for catchy vocal samples and just the right amount of 90s reverence on new single and earworm of the week ‘The Renegade’. EC

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