Live Review: Arctic Monkeys at the Hydro

Arctic Monkeys, the Yorkshire born and bred four-piece band that recently released their fifth album AM, played the rescheduled show on 21st November at the Hydro in Glasgow.

The setlist had been created to stun the crowd, opening with ‘Do I Wanna Know’, an astounding live sound filled with Alex Turner’s strong and confident vocals. Leading into the guitar heavy ‘Brianstorm’, which offered a platform of mayhem and manic moshing found within the thick of the crowd. From ‘Dancing Shoes’ to ‘Pretty Visitors’ and the slower-paced ‘No.1 Party Anthem’ demonstrated the successful sounds the Arctics have managed to create in less than a decade.

Alex Turner’s charismatic, slick and sophisticated stage presence encouraged the swooning pre-teen screams from across the arena. Accompanied with his newly mastered moves brought a polished persona to his front man stance. The band as a whole held a high energy and tight rhythms throughout the gig, along with accompanying falsetto vocals from O’Malley and Helders.

Visually the stage was an explosion of lights with a bold backdrop of the letters AM. The last track of the album ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ ended the main set whilst confetti fell into the crowd and fans held their hands up, an atmospheric and almost festival moment to bring their tour to a definitive end. A final three-track encore including ‘Snap Out Of It’, ‘Mardy Bum’ and ‘R U Mine?’ definitely directed the last of the set into an electric and energetic ending.

Despite the beer, the sweat and the bruises it was worth the long wait for a band I have been listening to since they began. One of the most hyped and talked about bands of the moment, especially since their recent release of AM and rightly so, the Arctic Monkeys know how to own a stage.

Rianne Thompson

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