The Broadcast Launch Playlist

1 Love Is To Die – Warpaint Topping our playlist this week are Californian quartet Warpaint, with the lead single from their just-released sophomore effort. Their distinctive sound meshes haunting dream pop vocals with heavier, darker backing to great effect, and if this track is anything to go by their self-titled album (FreshAir’s album of the week) is definitely one to get your hands on. Georgie Malcolm

2 Humphrey - Cam’Ron & A-Trak This is our first taste of Federal Reserve, a new Fools’ Gold/Dipset release from Killa Cam and A-Trak (impersonating Just Blaze very convincingly here, meanwhile Just Blaze is returning the favour) thats not only a showcase for certainly some of the most confident and funny bars The Pink One has put down since 2006’s Killa Season – his last great record – and some great glossy production from the Canadian electro-house mainstay. Emmett Cruddas

3 I’m Not Part of Me -Cloud Nothings After 2012’s Attack on Memory – certainly one of FreshAir Music’s favourite records in the last few years – the Ohio indie rockers, now fully confident with their fleshed-out lineup and sound as well as with increasingly ambitious noise-pop songwriting preview April’s Here and Nowhere Else with this punchy and emotionally fraught lead single that manages to capture the brilliance of clear inspirations like Wipers, Rites of Spring and Built to Spill while remaining decidedly modern and infectious. EC

4 Bipp - Sophie This track has been floating around for months, but has only just been brought to our attention. Out on Glasgow’s own Numbers Records, Bipp is an awkward, odd track that just works. High pitched (dare I say bordering on shrieky?) vocals take centre stage over a strange, yoyo-ing beat. Infectious in the extreme. GM

5 Black Pancakes - Rejjie Snow Dublin-born rising star Rejjie Snow’s latest EP Rejovich, which famously outsold Yeezus on iTunes in Ireland, packs low-key hits on hits where the mysterious wordsmith does his best MF DOOM impressions, replete with a heavily blunted and stunted flow with a villainous sense of humour. Nicely complimented by a gritty video, ‘Black Pancakes’ serves as a perfect introduction to Ireland’s most successful rapper ever. EC

6 Chorus - Holly Herndon ‘Chorus’, the new song by Holly Herndon, might seem somewhat impenetrable at first with it’s chopped up vocal samples and seemingly random bursts of percussion and synths. However the song eventually gives way to somewhat catchy hook and an almost danceable drumbeat reminiscent of classic dance producers such as Autechre or Venetian Snares. The textures and sounds conjured by this track make it a very interesting start to electronic music in 2014 and hopefully a second album by Holly Herndon. The insane music video that melds art and mathematics together is also well worth watching. Patrick Cartlidge

7 Brain (prod. Shlohmo) - BANKS A staple feature on practically everyone’s ‘Sound of 2014’ lists, Banks has had a good year. This new track is produced by Shlohmo, and his stamp is so evident here that I don’t think it would be unfair to say ‘Brain’ is almost a duet between the pair. Her voice remains smooth and sultry in her lower range until about the 2:00 mark, when everything gets kicked up a gear into something huge, distorted and epic. I can’t get enough of this song. GM

8 Robes - Freddie Gibbs/Madlib Probably one of the most consistently interesting Producer/Rapper pairings in the current Hip-Hop landscape is MadGibbs, seeing the Gary, Indiana based Freddie Gibbs: one of the most versatile voices in rap right now for his propensity to go in just as well on a DJ Mustard production as one by the mysterious figurehead of post-2000 turntablism Madlib himself. Ahead of the LP Piñata (March 18th), ‘Robes’ also features Odd Future cohorts Earl Sweatshirt and Domo Genesis, impressive next to Gibbs’ confidence and ear for a choppy Clipse-esque flow. EC

9 Talking Backwards - Real Estate Lead single from the forthcoming 3rd LP Atlas from the New Jersey indie-pop quintet. ‘Talking Backwards’ has some great lyrics and increased definition for the band after their near-classic, 2011’s Days. Atlas will almost certainly see the band take on an ever-expanding fanbase if the tastefully reined-in Byrds-via-Yo La Tengo tones of this single lend themselves to a comprehensive listen. EC

10 Passing out Pieces - Mac DeMarco Another Spring 2014 release to get seriously excited for is Canadian lounge lizard/guitarist extraordinaire Mac DeMarco’s 3rd LP Salad Days, out April 1st on Captured Tracks. Doing away with the breezy 80s AM radio textures of 2012’s 2, ‘Passing out Pieces’ seems to point towards a more spooky, late Beatles-esque aesthetic, Mellotron and all. EC

11 Love Letters – Metronomy The second single from Metronomy’s fourth studio album, and one of 2014’s most anticipated releases, Love Letters. This sees Metronomy come full circle and return to their quirky 70s-inspired synths and funky bass riffs. If the title track is anything to go by, Love Letters may well be one of the best albums this year. Charles Thomas Lang

12 Flicker - Shivum Sharma South London Teenager Shivum Sharma sings with an intense vulnerability over a sparse piano accompaniment. It’s a simple but heartbreaking track, and, after stumbling across the bedroom demo on Soundcloud over Christmas, I’m thrilled that a spruced-up version is soon to be released as a single. (They’ve added in some sexy clarinet at the end too. Not sure how I feel about this but perhaps I’ll come around.) GM

13 Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club These North London boys can seemingly do no wrong. Bombay stormed back onto our radios back in November with new single ‘Carry Me’ and this, the follow-up, is just as much of a toe-tapper. Perhaps more of a ‘classic’ BBC track than its darker predecessor, Luna bounces along with typical Bombay euphoria, and features backing vocals from long-time collaborator of the band, Lucy Rose. GM

14 Charles Barkley - Migos There have never been rappers like Atlanta’s Migos, nor has there ever been a hook as ridiculous yet confoundingly brilliant as that of one of their many Sports-monickered street singles ‘Charles Barkley’, ahead of the highly anticipated Y.R.N. 2 mixtape. As their rhythms go increasingly further beyond A$AP’s Bone Thugz-hero worship and the punchlines get even more out-there (along with the adlibs – ‘eat the damn broccoli’), Quavo, Takeoff and the recently-paroled Offset become more fascinating and inventive with every single. EC

15 Flowers - TRAAMS  This Chichester three-piece set the blogosphere alight with the release of their hipster-friendly debut Grin, released in 2013 on FatCat. There’s no messing around: this is a track of fuzzy post-punk, complete with Black Francis screams and all. CTL

16 The Ocean - The Burlies Fans of the first Franz Ferdinand record, The Rapture or Battles will eat up the first single from The Dismemberment Plan’s Travis Morrison’s new band The Burlies. Huge drums, scratchy post-punk riffs and a surfy chorus make for a catchy, subversive and irresistible debut from a band sure to bring forth more dance-punk hits (after all, Morrison pretty much invented the genre). EC

17 Young Blood - Saint Raymond Saint Raymond, aka Callum Burrows, grabbed a bit of attention with his debut Escapade EP, and his second EP, which this track comes from, will probably grab a lot more. It’s bright, it’s catchy and you’ll listen to it on repeat until the end of time. If there was a song that was designed to be played on a scorching Saturday afternoon at Glastonbury, then this is it. CTL

18 Red Eyes - The War on Drugs Kurt Vile’s old band have become more direct and poppy than ever, if the first track from March’s Lost In The Dream is anything to go by. The production and vocals aren’t a million miles away from the last Arcade Fire record, with a hypnotic structure and soaring synths suggestive of Echo and the Bunnymen all making for one of the most exciting lead singles of the year so far. EC

19 Driver - Perfect Pussy Driver, the debut single from Perfect Pussy’s upcoming first album Say Yes to Love, is a ferocious 2 minute long rant combining both hardcore punk and noise rock. The vicious feedback and distorted buried vocals make this one of the angriest songs released this year so far and make me very excited for the release of their upcoming album in March. PC

20 iphone fetish – Vegyn London-based producer Vegyn, recently premiered on James Blake’s Radio One show, whose first EP All Good Things Have Ended – Your Lunch Included has seen acclaim amongst fans of experimental, dark electronica. The incredibly atmospheric ‘iPhone Fetish’ evokes the title’s ironic engagement with modernity over some loosely industrial textures and lovingly-wrangled synths. EC

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