Album of the Week: Warpaint - Warpaint

It took three years for Warpaint to follow up their debut album The Fool, but it was worth the wait. Their self-titled second album is incredible: it’s a lot bolder than its shy - but brilliant - predecessor as the confidence brought by the introduction of new members is evident, particularly that of drummer Stella Mozgawa.

From the outset, ‘Intro’ introduces us to a new, more upbeat Warpaint, as the distinguished, moody guitar riff is overshadowed by a sharp drum beat. ‘Love Is to Die’ and ‘Feeling Alright’ are catchy, and obvious singles; the latter could be mistaken for a Live Lounge cover of a more popular (though less credible) R&B artist, whilst the former may well be the earworm of the year. ‘Teese’ sees a return to the subtlety of The Fool, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it serves as a gentle interlude between the album’s heavier tracks.

Warpaint also sees the band fearlessly dive into oceans unknown: ‘Disco//very’ is essentially a disco classic and will send you into a trance, as Jenny Lee Lindberg’s rhythmic baseline connects with a combination of vocals, which eventually erupt into a weird screaming ensemble. The Fool was undoubtedly brilliant, though you could argue that each track was similar to what had came before, but that’s not something that could be said about Warpaint. This album will be counted amongst the best of 2014.

Charles Thomas Lang

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