Latitude Day 1 Highlights

Latitude, the festival of the arts, celebrating Music, Film, Comedy, Literature and Poetry.

Slow Club - the Sheffield duo opened the Obelisk Arena with their new album out this week, the light hearted pop- electro sounds suited the early afternoon sun which streamed down on the crowd. Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson’s vocals together created Abba –esque harmonies whilst bubbles floated across the stage, setting the scene for the weekend. Their humble appreciation and soft sounds suited the opening to this weekend well.

Taking a break from the intense mid-day heat, we then headed to the Film and Music tent for a once in a lifetime chance to hear the legendary photographer, David Bailey, talk about his art and experiences in the industry. The first question sent the crowd into fits of giggles, “Do you think what you do on a day to day basis is art?”- His response; “What… masturbate?” His career as a photographer began through his love for Jazz and Blues music. He played the trumpet and began by photographing other musicians. With inspirations like Walt Disney and Picasso, it still puzzles him how the British don’t seem to see photography as an art. “The British are slow on the uptake.” As well as giving an insight into the life of someone who could pretty much photograph anyone he wants, he gave some tips to aspiring artists and photographers out there – “Curiosity made the cat much more intelligent, it didn’t kill him… If you’re going to float to the top, you’ll float to the top. Persistence is everything… and being curious. You keep doing it until you get it right. If you get it right, you stop. If you know what you’re doing… what’s the point in doing it?” When asked by the interviewer, “How would you like to be remembered?” he charismatically replied, “I’ve never hurt anyone… I don’t think. And I’ve always been honest… I guess I’d like to be remembered as an honest old fart”. And with that, the packed out tent clapped as he took a picture of someone in the audience upon their humble request - an inspirational and comical highlight to the first day of Latitude.

To end the day Crystal Fighters played under the evening sun, draped in feathers, sequins and headdresses. Rudimental were the secret show on the Obelisk Stage with Lily Allen headlining. Mogwai were the alternative headlining act on the BBC 6 music Stage and now the sun has set we are about to venture across the Lake and into the Woods, where Latitude comes to life at night under a layer of leaves and fairy lights!

  • Laura Wadha and Rianne Kate Thompson
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