The Last Day of Latitude

The last day of the festival had unfortunately finally arrived and so for one last time we headed out to watch the last acts of the weekend.

Nils Frahm – the Berlin musician and producer whose albums ‘Spaces’ was released closer to the end of 2013. His music is a classical, contemporary, electric mix, with the piano as the main focus and foundation on which he builds. He performed on the iArena to a crowd, which seeped out into the woods. Frahm’s delicate details to his music and elevating sounds made him a popular choice for the Sunday afternoon slot. The set ended with layers of expansive sounds, demonstrating just how talented this young man is. The audience stood in awe with large cheers between tracks, whilst Nils would bow and take time to appreciate the reception he was receiving! He came across as an extremely genuine and endearing artist who really cares about the music that he creates. Overall it was the perfect Sunday soundtrack to mark the beginning of the end of Latitude 2014.

Tame Impala were the ones that took to the stage on the Obelisk Arena, just before the Black Keys were to headline. Their set consisted of what you would expect – hypnotic sounds and visuals on the screens, whilst Kevin Parker grooved around on stage in bare feet. If there has ever been a band to play at Latitude, which reflects the feel of the festival is has to be Tame. Their laid back attitude but still engaging presence on stage allowed the spectators to move along in a blissful manner. They played a mixed set, which included tracks from both their first and second album. It was a strong performance and reflected the mood of the festival well.

Lykke Li was the last to headline on the BBC 6 music stage, which had housed over the weekend an assorted mix of artists. She floated around in a shimmering silver cape with each track changing the pace of the set. Her performance was as energetic as ever as she bashed drumsticks against the metallic poles of the stage. The track, which grabbed the audience’s full attention, was of course ‘I Follow’ with everyone’s hands raised up in the air swivelling and swaying along to the beat. Her voice led many into a trance and left the audience wanting more as she exited off stage to the sound of the Beatles and cheers from a satisfied crowd.

Latitude 2014 has been an extremely interesting experience to say the least, what this festival can offer is a guaranteed weekend of celebrating all the arts. Including a line-up that suits all music tastes, side by side in an idyllic setting full of friendly festival goers.

-Rianne Kate Thompson

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