Alphabeat Live Review: Glasgow 24/10/09

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Lawrence Mason reviews the show

To kick off their UK mini-tour, Danish pop sensations Alphabeat headed to Glasgow.

On entering the Classic Grand, it felt as though you’d just entered an under 18s club. It almost felt ravey, yet the neon was brand new, not dusted off from the Klaxons era circa 2007.

Headed by the pairing of Stine, and Anders SG, the six-piece band kicked off the set with two songs from their as yet unreleased second album. Despite ignorance of the lyrics, the crowd responded frantically, switching attention between the energetic thrashing of Anders SG, and the sultry, yet goofy charms of Stine.

But on hitting their current single The Spell the band hits its stride, and the glowsticks were thrust into the air.

Bashing out the radio friendly tunes, as well as strangely catchy new ones, the audience was kept bopping through the entire set, slightly lulling at the slower numbers, yet hitting a peak of excitement during 10,000 nights.

It was disappointing then, that they felt obliged to finish on their biggest hit, Fascination. Despite raising the tension with an extended call and response of ‘the word is on your lips, say the word’, the song itself proved un-danceable, resulting in the crowd awkwardly hopping off beat to the tune. Shame; it would should have been dancefloor perfection, but instead was a rather drab end to an otherwise near faultless slice of Euro pop.

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