Wide Days Music Convention 10th April 2015

Wide Days Music Convention 10th April 2015

Wide Days is a Scottish Music convention that takes place every year and this year took place on Saturday 10th April at the Pleasance. The day consisted of various panels and sessions where the attendees or “delegates” could engage with industry professionals. It is a brilliant opportunity for networking and learning how the music industry works before stepping into it. We caught up with various people throughout the day including; Alex Knight, founder and owner of FatCat Records, the entire festival development panel and Keith Harris (producer of Nicki Minaj, Will.i.am and Michael Jackson to name a few). All of which gave a valuable and insightful look into the industry and what it is like to be a musician in the current climate. A question answered well by the infamous Are you Brave enough session where acts submit tracks to a panel of industry professionals for very honest criticism.

The night also featured six acts across two stages in both the Pleasance and Electric Circus

Fiona Soe Paing opened up the night with her brooding, macabre, electronica. Her vocals led the audience through terrifying visuals creating a visual art and music piece which captivated the audience. Catholic Action played their unique version of indie pop to the Electric Circus crowd creating a buzzing atmosphere and setting the latter part of the evening to a killer start. Ded Rabbit absolutely killed it with their fast bouncy alternative indie rock. Hailing from Yorkshire, the now very much Scottish band of brothers (literally) brought the night to a stunning buzzing conclusion.

Amongst these brilliant artists two acts stood out in particular; C. Duncan and Kathryn Joseph. C. Duncan is the moniker of Glaswegian Christopher Duncan, a quiet astute singer songwriter who produces a beautiful indie/psychedelic folk sound which are accompanied by an elegant chorale innocent tenor voice. The atmosphere as Duncan and band played had everyone deadly silent but for the heavy rounds of applause between his songs. Alex Knight who signed the young artist even seemed struck with awe. This tranquillity was to be broken however, discreetly and beautifully by Kathryn Joseph. Her set up was a piano, vocals and a drum kit complete with a bass synth that could make even the most liberal neighbours bang on the walls in despair. However Kathryn and percussionist/producer Marcus Mackay weaved cold tangible melodies into the undulating bass to realise a sound haunting, yet endearing. Kathryn rightly described it as “witch noise” where the singer pours out all her emotion and hate in very beautiful lyrics She kept the audience on the edge of their seat, not sure whether to clap or to run away.

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