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1. MILO - SOUVENIER FT. HEMLOCK ERNST The nerdy Wisconsin rapper is back with his second full length album. It follows in a long line of eps and mix tapes and feels like he’s really settled into his style. His flow is of unique character, simple, spoken wordy and he’ll knock you away with his topical lexicon, listen with encyclopaedia in hand. Martin Disley

2. DAUGHTER - DOING THE RIGHT THING After what seems like far longer than two years, Daughter have finally returned with a new single and news of a new album. As we expect from the three piece, it’s emotion packed, atmospheric and slowly builds. Doing the Right Thing and it’s accompanying video tell the story of losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s and the video in particular is an emotional watch that I would not recommend doing in public. The forthcoming album, if anything like this track, will prove to be another truly beautiful piece of music for everyone to have a good sob to. Rachel Earnshaw

3. SAINTSENECA - NECKER CUBE Saintseneca’s third album, Such Things, is released this Friday, but NPR have been kind enough to give us a first listen. Necker Cube stands out as all that is great about the folk-rock band. Harmonic vocals, an upbeat and driving chorus and a catchy sitar riff from band member Zac Little (who also plays 16 instruments on the upcoming album – most of which I’ve never heard of). As the days get shorter and deadlines start looming, Saintseneca’s latest offering won’t fail to make you feel just a little bit better about it all.Katie Brookfield



6. RYAN HEMSWORTH & LUCAS - FROM GRACE “From Grace” is the second release from the Ryan Hemsworth and Lucas collaboration “Taking Flight”. As well as this EP being the first release from Hemsworth this year, it’s also the first to be released as a commercial project on his Secret Songs label. The track is more dance-floor ready than previous single “Angel”, featuring a wonderfully wonky climax. As with any Hemsworth produced track there is an undeniable emotional core to the song but Lucas does his hardest to obscure it with bursts and snippets of glitchy sounds. Another very strong release that bodes very well for the upcoming EP.Patrick Cartlidge

7. DISCLOSURE - MAGNETS FT. LORDE Back for another round with Caracal, Disclosure have hit the nail on the head with their new album. With Lorde’s distinct vocals dripped like honey over its lilting drum beat, Magnets lives up to name and really is, well, magnetic. You’ll find yourself drawn into the song with one play not being enough.Dani Hall

8. DARKSTAR - STOKE THE FIRE From their new album Foam Island, a synth pop portrait of life in northern England under Tory rule, Stoke the Fire is the second single. Tracks on the album are split up between field recordings and recorded interviews with local councils and residents over fittingly austere electronics. An important album.MD

9. RADIATOR HOSPITAL - WILL YOU FIND ME ‘No I’m not hiding, I don’t ever want to be found’. Radiator Hospital are back with fiery emo perfect from the forthcoming split single with Durham punks Martha. It’s a short, punchy track with the exceptional vocal delivery we expect from Sam, whose voice at times feels like it is desperate for recognition and space to grow, which is mirrored lyrically in much of Radiator Hospital’s back catalogue. RE.


11. WOMPS - LIVE A LITTLE LESS Tru punks WOMPS deserve success. From Algernon Doll they have gone on to record with Steve Albini and use their platform as men to champion the work of women in the music industry, whether they be PRs, bloggers or photographers. Their latest single Live a Little Less is heavy greatness, with Ewan Grant’s vocals masked fuzzily behind hectic drums and classic guitar melodies. RE

12. JAMIE XX - GOOD TIMES (SKEPTA REMIX) Skepta remixed good times by Jamie XX and it is wonderful. RE



15. GRUBS - WORK IN PROGRESS So great is this Grubs track from their debut album, the chorus is my current tinder bio. Roxy Brennan’s vocals build into shouty angst in a track about a general uncomfortableness with technically being an adult when you are still trying to figure pretty much everything out and constantly forget to wash your clothes all whilst seeing that someone else is the perfect person.RE


17. BRUISING - EMO FRIENDS Bruising haven’t been on the scene long, but they’re already making a big impact. Ahead of their tour supporting Los Campesinos in November, they’ve released Emo Friends, cementing them as one of the most promising acts emerging from the indie pop scene. In songwriter Naomi’s own words Emo Friends was written in winter about some friends whose ‘lives were falling apart a bit, but waiting to see if things will get better’. One thing is for sure: it’s hard to feel glum after this fuzzpop dream of a debut single.KB

18. FATHER JOGN MISTY - THE MEMO Post Lou Reed vision and a Taylor Swift cover, Father John posted this track on his soundcloud. It’s one of a few, the only to have lasted more than a few days. It’s assumed that these are demos of tracks that aren’t going to appear on his next record as apparently they are all written and there’s been no big single release. It carries his character cultural critique, but it’s slow one; tide-over for the big fan.MD


20. ALEX G - KICKER Alex G is a remarkably prolific indie-pop artist who hails from Philadelphia. His brand of warped guitar oriented bedroom-pop has gained him a significant following and fans including many FreshAir Music Team favourites such as Ryan Hemsworth and Girlpool. Last year’s “DSU” proved to be his breakout album resulting in a record deal with Domino. Several singles have been released from the upcoming “Beach Music” so far including “Kicker”. Despite the album being his major label debut, Alex G has lost none of his off-kilter style. “Kicker” is yet another charming track, fusing the guitar instrumentals of Elliot Smith and abstract lyrics of Stephen Malkmus. If you enjoy this track, you’ll love exploring the rest of Alex G’s vast catalogue of songs.PC

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