Bear's Den, Queen's Hall - 5/10/15

Bear’s Den are a British alternative rock group who, after having formed in 2012, have gained a strong group of fans after touring with some of the biggest names in folk pop. After supporting Ben Howard, Daughter, and The Staves, they have united a number of fans across the world who join together in their love of chilled, deeply moving yet vibrant and uplifting music.

Lisa Mitchell, an Australian singer from Sydney *, started the evening off with soft tones, quirky guitar riffs and witty humour: “I don’t have any merch, so you’ll save money on me”. She warmed the audience up for a night of acoustic bliss for the headlining act, Bear’s Den. This was the first night of their tour across Europe, and the room was full of intrigued fans waiting for their smooth rhythms and emotive song lyrics.

The band came on stage with the song ‘Elysium’. This engaging song set an upbeat rhythm to kick off their set. The use of trumpets was an excellent choice and added depth to many of their songs. The concert highlighted the breadth of different styles in which the band could play their usually soft music. A highpoint of the gig was about 4 tracks in, when they decided to ask the audience if they could try something new. Completely behind them, we obviously roared in eager anticipation. They requested that the audience would remain quiet throughout the next song, ‘Sophie’, so they could sing it completely acoustic without the use of mics. It was a great moment that allowed us to fully enjoy the raw talent of the lead singers. Later in the evening, they tried out a new song right in the centre of the audience with again no added help from the mics. The venue, Queen’s Hall, was a huge help in all this with great acoustics and a stunning interior, which added to the phenomenal atmosphere the band had created. Most concerts I’ve been to, the band always remain a starkly separate entity to the audience. However, Bears Den fully engaged with the audience in a welcoming and friendly way that amplified this already incredible experience. Songs like ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’ and ‘Thinking of England’ were particularly memorable. After many called out ‘play Agape!’. Bear’s Den ended their finale with it, and the sense of appreciation from both the audience and the band was immense. It was an all around fantastic night and I’m excited to see what comes next from them.

Isabella Hughers & Catriona Mallows

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