Spector, Electric Circus - 20/10/15

The boys were back in town on Tuesday as Spector returned for their second ever Edinburgh gig. From local Scottish band Golden Arm right through to London boys Spector, the Electric Circus boasted an eclectic line up tucked away between dungeons and art works.

Self-described as “pop for the underdog”, the charismatic Golden Arm took to the stage and filled the place up with their happy go lucky sense of humour and, dare I say it, banter. Drawing you in with their strong kick drum beats, Golden Arm had a wonderful warm blend of neo-folk and indie pop that makes you think of summers spent with friends and good times to come. Whilst one or two songs didn’t really build to a strong bridge, they were still strong songs that everyone in the crowd could get into. If you are looking for a summer blues remedy, I would highly recommend Golden Arm as your go to band.

Next to the stage were Manchester formed Spring King radiating that sunny East Coast vibe in both look, sound and energy. Annoyingly pigeon-holed into ‘Alternative’ by iTunes like many bands before them, Spring King are much more than that. They’re an upbeat and go-getting garage based pop/rock group that wants to give its audience a great night. Sadly, the Edinburgh crowd didn’t give Spring King the attention they deserved. Not that this stopped anyone in the band though; drummer and lead singer Tarek Musa gave a tough performance that would give many a run for their money. If you want to be left with a smile on your face (the boy next to me was grinning and dancing for their whole set and that alone is a stronger review than I could ever write) or a get up and go song I’d suggest giving “Can I?” or “Mumma” a listen.

As the venue finally filled up, Spector strolled onto stage sporting their monochrome YUCCIE uniforms of white tees and black jeans. Bunchy sporting lead singer Fred Macpherson got straight into his usual audience interaction by borrowing a belt from one of the crowd members. With a different set list each night of tour, excitement was high for the fans as they waited for those tell-tale chords. Bursting into “Bad Boyfriend” the crowd went for it, singing, dancing, jumping, everything, the works. Mixing it up between songs from new album Moth Boys and 2012’s Enjoy It While It Lasts, the band kept the energy high with bassist Tom Shickle even pushing Macpherson into the crowd towards the end of the set. I have never seen such pandemonium like those girls at the front since last Christmas’ Primark sale. With lyrics like “one socket left, I let you charge your phone” Spector is most definitely a band for the city kids out there. Their songs sum up the life of the millennial to a background of late night indie electric guitar (Jed Cullen) and bass (Thomas Shickle). 

Taking a break from their more upbeat songs like the infamous Chevy Thunder, Macpherson toyed with the Scots in the crowd pitting Edinburgh versus Glasgow, a risky move especially for an Englishman. Nonetheless the crowd clapped along during the rainy day track Grey Shirt & Tie with many of the audience staring wishfully into the bespectacled eyes of Fred Macpherson.

A night filled with countless catchy hooks and energetic songs, I watched many a fan walking up the Mound singing songs from all three bands as they disappeared into different bars to carry on what was already a cracking night.

Dani Hall

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