What's The Noise? - Cab Vol 7/11

What’s the Noise? It’s Edinburgh/Fife’s unheard talent!

On Saturday, 7th November, What’s the Noise showcased four great bands downstairs at Cabaret Voltaire. Each act got the chance to show off their very distinct styles and get the audience into a proper frenzy with their tunes.

To be fair the first act, The Genes, had a tough start to open a cold and rainy night and warm up the mixed crowd. With banging indie tunes in the tradition of the Strokes and Libertines, they managed to lure a few people to the dance floor while the majority looked-on, seemingly waiting for something to happen – oblivious to their responsibility as an audience. With their spot-on cover of ‘Horror Show’, the three-piece even got some to sing along. So, if you enjoy rocking out, you should check them out – with the crowd in the right mood, this band can really be a lot of fun.

For the second band, things changed radically. It appeared most of the people had actually been waiting for Lost in Vancouver. A bit louder, a bit more confident, a bit more relaxed than the first act, the Indie rock band took the stage by storm and got Cab Vol going with their frenetic floor fillers. And the band knew how to use their large Fife-fan base for some audience interaction. They made me think of early Arctic Monkeys, my friend said Catfish and the Bottleman – in the end we could only agree that they reminded us of bands we like, so definitely worth checking out and seeing live!

My suspicions concerning the audience were affirmed, when they left before the band had taken down their gear. You could’ve almost felt sorry for The Strats, band number three. But with a switch in style and demeanour, both vibe and crowd changed dramatically. The funk-soul five piece was so smooth, you had no choice but get up and groove to the sometimes fun, sometimes bluesy tunes. While the other bands had banged out their tunes, these guys were seemingly making love to their music. So much soul and fun. The looks on their faces and the crowd’s reaction said it all. On the 18th, they are headlining at Sneaky Pete’s and whether or not you’re into soul, funk or blues, you’re in for a treat.

After three really good bands, expectations for Jack Hinks were high, and they weren’t disappointed in the slightest. Not many a band spoils their audience with the superb sound of two wonderful violins and driving drums. Bands that spring to mind are Boy & Bear and Belle and Sebastian, but something is about this group is different. While their sound falls into that cozy niche of handmade Indie pop with some jazzy-bluesy somewhat folky influences and heartfelt lyrics, it has this just a bit more rocky edge making this six-piece something special. All of them are full of passion and energy and really enjoy performing together. Especially, the drummer who wouldn’t let himself get stuck behind his kit making good use of his part of the stage by climbing and dancing about, loving the tunes just as much as the audience, showed how moving and energising a great performance can be.

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