Live Review: Kate Nash – The Classis Grand, Glasgow 06/03/10.

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Richard Vause reviews a Nash-ional treasure (in his own words, not mine! - Emma, Head of Music).

To promote her forthcoming album, My Best Friend is You, (release date 19th of April) Kate Nash played a small, intimate gig at Glasgow’s Classic Grand on Saturday the 6th of March – the first of her pre-album mini-tour. The show was less a reminder of her hits from the Made of Bricks-era (she only played two of such songs) and simply a showcase of her new material. Despite being unfamiliar with the vast majority of the material the crowd got quite into the gig, but I can’t help but feel most were peeved not to hear Foundations et al.

That being said, this was a fantastic gig. The material was performed with passion and a sense of excitement to finally be showcasing it. Ms. Nash was surprisingly charismatic on stage and the audience were hanging on her every word – whether it be requesting them to be quiet for more emotional numbers (“Look, I’m drunk too but can we just be quiet for one second”) or teaching us lyrics to her new material to get a sing-along going (“We can make love, we can make love. You can get some, you can get some”).

The new material was, mostly, pretty different to her old stuff. I Just Love You More’s pop-punky simplicity being a case in point, but forthcoming single Do Wah Doo stuck to the familiar pop-gems that Nash-fans expect. The feeling from the audience as they left was that My Best Friend is You is set to make or break Nash by potentially alienating her from her old fans.

However, I have faith that the Nash-Master General will soar to even higher levels of success than Made of Bricks permitted and that, to many, her reputation as an annoying, useless artist will rightfully be dismissed. Nash held the audience in her hands (which was already pretty damn full with my heart, body and soul) and set the tidal wave of interest (and hopefully excitement) that is set to sweep the nation in motion, as the 19th of April quickly encroaches. Watch this space.

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