Album Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devil's Tattoo

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Review by Simon Vansintjan

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s sixth studio album, released on the 8th (the 9th if you live in North America) on their own label.

The first time I heard of BRMC I was fifteen and patiently waiting for Metallica to do their thing. I don’t remember much of the concert except that one of the guitarists (he may even have been a singer) was continuously smoking while he was on stage. I didn’t pay much attention to them then, and haven’t really since. Then on a whim I decided to listen to this album.

It’s nothing new in the world of sonic experimentation, but it’s solid blues based rock with a mix in of country howl. The first song on the album - Beat The Devil’s Tattoo is definitely my favorite, and stands out as the most interesting song on the album.

The rest seem sunken into heavy strong guitar chords reminiscent of some of the softer Queens of the Stone Age songs. In fact, QoSA is a pretty good comparison for this music. I’d probably describe it as a mix between Josh Homme’s softer slower side and the White Stripes. Then mix in the vocals of the guy from the Verve (my god, I have spent the entire time writing this trying to think of who they sound like, but the Verve is pretty spot on - especially the new Verve)

The song I like least on the album is probably Bad Blood, the reason being that it sounds a bit too generic. I like the actual song, but I feel like I’ve heard it before, which is really putting me off for some reason. There’s also something about it that seems forced, pushed catchy hook attached to catchy hook. Does that even make sense?

I guess what I am saying my main beef with the album is that it sounds too familiar. Most songs on it make me think two things a) hey, this is alright rocky and b) but where have I heard it before? So if you like the Verve and Queens of the Stone age and probably some songs by the Jack White - go check this out.

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