Live Review: The Drums, 6th May Corn Exchange

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By Samantha Field and Myles Cowper-Coles

The transformation of The Drums from when we met them off-stage just before the show to when they are onstage is staggering. Jonathan, the lead singer, had seemed like quite a shy frontman, describing to us how they love doing gigs and writing songs and just going along at a steady pace, but when he came on stage this whole new persona emerged. You can’t help but smile when you first see him dancing about, obviously loving every second of his performance.

We were lucky enough to catch The Drums supporting Florence and the Machine at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the 6th May. They started the set off with Connor (drums), Jacob (Guitar) and Adam (Drums) drifting on and getting into position, playing a couple of random notes here and there, and then, out of nowhere, breaking straight into the first song at full throttle. From there on in it was a constant barrage of catchy indie pop/rock. By the second song the front few rows were already starting to dance and wave their hands around in the air. They steadily worked through their set list, which included their singles: I Felt Stupid, Best Friend, Forever and Ever Amen, and my personal favorite, Let’s Go Surfing, and managed to keep it entertaining throughout. In one song Jacob swapped his guitar for a tambourine and proceeded to play it in the most acrobatic way possible, while Adam quietly strummed away on the other side of the stage. All the while Connor was causally banging around on his drums, not seeming to break a sweat. These guys certainly seem to know how to fill the stage, even though they have barely been around for a year.

Having only heard a couple of their songs before this gig, I was a bit skeptical of the Drums, but after having a chance to chat to them (interview on the Music Show 2pm Friday the 14th May), as well as see them perform is such a large venue, I believe that these guys could live up to all the hype that is surrounding them. Look out for their first studio album on the 7th June.

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