Live Review: Midnight Juggernauts, Sneaky Pete's 6/05/10

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By Joshua Angrave

Pre-release album tours can often be a bit infuriating. Especially when it comes to seeing a band off the back of a breakthrough debut; when you’ve heard very little of their new material, and all you want to do is hear their first few singles. By the end of the night however, Midnight Juggernauts had successfully appeased my lust for Dystopia, and had given me a warm sense of anticipation for the forthcoming album, The Crystal Axis.

Playing to a sold out Sneaky Pete’s last Thursday, they opened proceedings with an epic synth-laden intro, with tribalesque drums provided by timpani mallets. Once the trio had progressively assembled on stage they crashed into the brilliant ‘Road To Recovery’, setting a cosmic precedent for things to come. Off the new album they began with ‘Vital Signs’, followed by first single, and Kitsune 8 hit, ‘This New Technology’, a kaleidoscopic pop number, dripping with 60s pyschedelia with its use of organ samples.

From what is heard off the new tracks, the band seem to be carrying on with their space inspired sound; whilst injecting into it a new dose of pyschedelia along with shoegazing guitar lines. This promises that the new album should be a fresh break from the past, but only time will tell.

Their live performance tonight is as solid as it has always been. Most notable is the drums. A bridge in one of the new songs sees all three on: pads, kit and cowbells, for a percussion instrumental. Crowd incorporation for the encore even sees one lucky man take to the stage for the outro of ‘Tombstone’, on the second kit.

Prior to this, the set ended well with, ‘Shadows’, and firm favourite, ‘Into the Galaxy’, which saw the most movement from the crowd all night. The Crystal Axis is released on 28th May on Siberia Records.

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