Album of the Month: Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

Edinburgh’s own ambient electronica masters Boards of Canada preceded the release of stellar new LP Tomorrow’s Harvest with a typically mysterious and low-key campaign. The duo have spent the 8 years since Campfire Headphase assembling a collection of vintage synthesisers and crafting a beautiful and melodic record in their Pentland Hills studio that stands up nicely to earlier classics Music Has The Right To Children and Geogaddi.

Tomorrow’s Harvest is packed with gorgeously textured pieces such as lead single ‘Reach For The Dead’ and the atmospheric and percussive ‘New Seeds’, a late highlight of the record, with each track complimenting the LP’s overall effect of providing lovingly developed sounds with hints of darkness. The album is also more like a film soundtrack than anything the brothers have put out before, while still remaining a vital and engaging listen. Tomorrow’s Harvest is definitely worth the wait and undoubtedly one of the most accomplished records of the Summer.

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