Interview: Speedy Ortiz

Welcome to Edinburgh Speedy Ortiz. How’re you enjoying it?

Very cool, I went to that gallery next door which was amazing.

We were told that the weather is kind of typical. It was sunny the first time we were in Glasgow. Is there a band called that, A Sunny Day in Glasgow.

I went running this morning and got pretty thoroughly drenched, the weather here is crazy.

So you won’t have enjoyed your day at Beacons Festival then?

Oh my God, it was mad. I spoke to Alanna from Joanna Gruesome and she said ‘I love you guys but I have to go, it’s just too cold for me’.

The Fall was pretty amazing to see though. They’d been told to stop playing but they wouldn’t. They’d shut off all the speakers so it was mostly just drums that you could hear. They kept trying to get him off stage but he’d like freak out. It was kind of special.

How would you guys compare playing festivals in the UK to back home in the US?

Actually, they’re pretty similar. All festivals have something different about them, but they remain sort of the same.

I think people are less outrageously fucked up and rude here. I’m really just comparing things to Bonaroo.

voice from the background ‘yeah but not everything is like Bonaroo’

It’s not that I didn’t like Bonaroo, but people were shouting rude stuff at us. I just think that concert going people are generally more polite over here.

Last time we played Glasgow was awesome, the crowd were amazing. It was us and Joanna Gruesome.

The crowd at Primavera was kind of noteworthy. I’ve never heard a silent crowd like that before, they were really cool. Slint’s one thing they said was ‘it’s so quiet out there’. That was all they said through the whole set.

We just played a festival and I think we played inside a converted carousel house. It had loads of mirrors it was so cool. Two days before that we played Way Out West in a fairground that was closed for the day. We played opposite a haunted house and the people who’d been working there came onstage with us and they were syill dressed up. It was one of the weirdest sets we’ve had. They spiced it up.

We’re not going to see you at Jabberwocky though.

It sucks, but we’ve found replacement shows and so have most of the bands.

Probably better than playing in a conference centre?

I thought it might be pretty cool.

Loads of people had been commenting online saying it was going to be a really sucky venue.

as we’re speaking, the Jabberwocky replacement shows get confirmed

There were so many bands I wanted to see, so it really sucks that it got cancelled. I wanted to see Sun Kill Moon and Jesu. But we’re going to play with Cloud Nothings and Hookworms. It’s going to be amazing.

What’s next for you? There’s been new stuff played on the tour so what can we expect?

We’ve started working on new songs. On the tours we’ve been playing what people think are new songs, but they’re just old ones we hadn’t used yet. We’re working on 2014 stuff for kind of the first time. Mike and I are going running now. I have headbands.

Are you going all Harry Styles on the band now? Rocking this whole headband\Rolling Stones thing?

I didn’t even know this was a thing until today. I don’t really know anything about him. I just know he dated Taylor Swift. I made some joke about Harry Styles at one of our first UK shows and people got really mad at the joke. People got really mad at me confusing the Kennedys with the Royal Family too. So that’s what is new.

On your twitter I saw Kimye Dawson and I’ve never been so excited for anything before, when is this going to happen?

Alanna from Joanna Gruesome immediately responded and said ‘it’s my side project’ so hopefully I can join in. I’m glad you like it. There’ll be really serious eyelashes for every member.

And finally, what bands would you recommend from Massacheutus?

Our first go to is to tell people to check out the roster for Exploding in Sound Records, who put out our first E.P. They put out bands from New York and New England amongst others. Most of our favourite bands are on the label. Like Devin’s other band Grass is Green, Pile and Fat History Month. So that’s the one go to label for checking out bands we’re friends with and play with.

Ovlov might never come here, you should check them out anyway.

Also New England Patriots and Pretty and Nice. It’s a good scene. New England Patriots just did a split with a really good New York band called Palberta who we’re all obsessed with. Sometimes they sound like the shags, sometimes they sound like modest mouse. They do a great cover of hot cross buns. Sometimes you think they’re messed up because they’re stumbling around but really just trying to freak out their audience. They’re amazing.

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