Deap Vally are one of the rawest acts in music today. The duo formed in LA have brought back the simple but powerful guitar riff in one of its best forms yet. If you ever want to learn a simple song that will blow people away then Deap Vally is where to start. Take it from The Velveteers who supported the band and whose first song ever learnt of guitar was the brilliant Baby I Call Hell. With a similar set up to bands such as The White Stripes and The Black Keys, Deap Vally attempt to create a full sound with the simple combination of guitar and drums, and boy do they achieve it! Although I feel there are miniscule moment of slight emptiness, the sound rocks. Seeing a band of this calibre and sound play in Electric Circus was fantastic as the small room was full of people and the energetic Vally sound. Finding myself doing the stereotypical head bang I was taken aback by the definite identity of the band. Having left their record label and moved on due to disputes as well as naming their new album the apt ‘Femijism’ proves the strong will that their music exemplifies.

The launch of Femijism fell very soon before the Edinburgh gig and boy were people excited. DIY gave it four stars, NME again four and The Arts Desk giving it five stars. Basically, it’s brilliant! Carrying on with a similar vibe to their debut album Sistronix, Femijism includes the singles Royal Jelly which is so cool it hurts and Smile More which has the of the best lines every written – “I am not ashamed of my sex life, although I wish it were better”.

Sigi Whittle

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