Sundara Karma hit the Liquid Rooms stage to a mass of screams on Friday night. Never in my life have I seen a band encapsulate everything about being indie as much as Sundara Karma. Four, skinny, charity shop clothed, long haired men that make the mom jean wearing girls (and possibly myself a wee bit) go weak at the knees. I’ve got to say as someone with long hair I was very envious of the quality of theirs.

The band hit the ground running and soon had everyone singing along to their well-known songs such as Indigo Puff, She Said and A Young Understanding. This brought on an onslaught of “ooh ah sundara” chants which filled the space with the ringing of joy. However, the setlist included surprises such as songs from their new album due to be released in January 2017 and a Luther Van Dross cover. These new songs included Olympia and Deep Relief which definitely got me excited for their album release.

Sundara Karma possess a great stage presence with the singer fronting the band brilliantly. His gentle dancing and partial nudity reminded me of Bill Nighy in Love Actually which can really only be a good thing. The boys had embarked on a long UK tour supported by the brilliant The Night Café, Joy Room and Freak. This will hold them in good stead as they are set to play across the pond in November. Good luck to them, they deserve the adoring fans!

Sigi Whittle

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