Honeyblood are a band full of contrasts. Or so it seemed when they played a sold out Electric Circus on the 6th of October. The show was their last in their UK tour and instead of showing signs of fatigue, like so many bands do after a long stint away, the Scottish duo were still fresh and energetic. The only indication they had been on tour was a soothing mugful of honey and lemon tea that sat vibrating violently at the base of the lead singer/guitarist 4ft amp. Honeyblood were touring their new album ‘Babes Never Die’ which is due to be released in November on Fat Cat Records. What I heard of the new album sounded similar to their last, with some additional electronic sample sounds mixed in. Some of the new songs played fell slightly flat and lack the usual Honeyblood zest, however two notable exceptions were ‘Ready For The Magic’ and ‘Babes Never Die’ which were loud, powerful and altogether just wonderful. The Edinburgh audience also had the pleasure of being recorded for the ‘Babes Never Die’ music video that was being shot during the gig (expect sequins and lots of dancing if you ever check it out). The between song patter was a delight. Stina (the singer/guitarist) shared her business idea for a bracelet manufacturing side project – dubbed Honeybeads by an audience member. The personified drum sample pad Sebastian also made a guest appearance (voiced by the drummer Cat). Sebastian serves an object of hate for the band members as they vent their frustration and anger at him during long car journeys. In the words of Stina –“He’s a bit of a dick”. I think many bands could learn from this method of conflict resolution. After each interlude of chatter they would launch back into another feedback filled pop-rock song. At the start of the song ‘Choker’ Cat shattered her drumstick on the count in, which would be an accomplishment even for the most seasoned punk band. When the noise faded they would wipe the sweat off, quietly sip their honey tea and resume their beguiling conversation on Jurassic Park. It’s rare to find a band more suited to their name than Honeyblood. Their sound and style appears to revolve around the contrast between sweet and visceral. They are a joy to see live and I thoroughly recommend going to see them. Check out ‘Ready for the magic’ and ‘Choker’. Honeyblood are playing St Luke’s in Glasgow on the 8th of December.

Cameron Cosgrove

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