White Heath and Mitchell Museum at the Electric Circus

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Back at the Electric Circus for my second showing of the Edge festival was to have a look at Mitchell Museum and White Heath. The venue was less crowded than during the Found gig, but that probably has to do with the fact that there wasn't a hen party going on at the same time. I was here to see Mitchell Museum, and the opening band White Heath. 

As far as I'm aware White Heath is a band of Edinburgh Uni students who decided they could play some instruments and write some songs (this statement could be completely false). That's also pretty much what they sound like. It's a cacophonous medley of noise centered around a lead singer that, and everything else just kind of comes in at random intervals. I wasn't very much a fan, but they seemed to have a little crowd gathered around them that seemed into the music and enjoying themselves. Their all-over-the-placeness reminded me of Dispatch but not quite as good.

Mitchell Museum seemed incredibly happy to be where they were. Cammy - the front man and apparent spokesperson for the band - enthusiastically interacted with the crowd and the band happily played a series of songs that ranged from their poppier Warning Bells, to a fantastic cover of M.I.A.s Paper Planes. The band's music can be described as a more accessible and structured than Animal Collective, but with the same sound, triple higher-pitched vocals - and hazy guitar playing and keyboards. The band was so obviously into their songs that even if it's not your taste, it became a pleasure to watch them perform.  

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