Beirut at the HMV Picture House

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Beirut, in Edinburgh?? When I knew they were coming, I couldn't contain myself - my desire to see them was too much!

After the Picture House's expected long queue (tickets were sold out), I got inside to see fans already vying for front row positions. With support from a lone man and his guitar capturing the audience's attention, aniticipation built until, finally, Beirut entered the stage.

Met by screams and applause from the excited crowd, they commenced their set as they meant to go on with the fantastic 'Nantes' and follwed with some of their more well-known material such as 'Elephant Gun', 'Carousels' and 'Postcards from Italy', to create a fantastic opening to their performance.

With many a brass-lead and delightful Balkan rhythms, the band were impressively tight and did well to consistently sound as 'one'. Their energy and execution created a great atmosphere that was visible in the broad smiles of the audience. The wall between band and audience was broken down thanks to a couple of jokes courtesy of frontman Zach Condon and, along with their presence on stage, this really helped the band to connect with the audience.

After their two encores, the audience were left feeling satisfied and during the last song when the lights were put onto the audience, Zach et al would have been greeted by an audience caught in the moment.

If you have the opportunity to see them live, it is totally worth it! Don't miss the opportunity!. 


Reviewed by Ivan M. 27/08/2010

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