Broken Records and Sparrow and the Workshop, Liquid Room 28/08/2010

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If there was one thing I could find fault with from Saturday night, it was the fact that Sparrow and the Workshop only had a meager twenty five minutes on stage. Other than that, it was a rather beautiful evening.

While certainly deserving a headliner gig at the Edge Festival, Sparrow and the Workshop happily obliged to open for Broken Records. A hauntingly melodic gothic folk trio from Glasgow, I cannot praise this band enough. Singer Jill O’Sullivan’s vocals are incredible in strength and range, and
despite the nod to 1960s California folk, this is a band firmly entrenched in the present with dramatic and often wicked lyrics. A certain power lies in the beauty and edginess of its lead singer, but also in the dexterity and general awesomeness of the band as a whole.

Having quietly worked the Scottish music scene for the better part of three years, Broken Records have produced musical magic with their latest album Let Me Come Home. Creating masterpieces with extraordinary vocals, wide-ranging instruments, and exploiting the excellent acoustics in the legendary Liquid Rooms, this was amazing stuff. The night was a bittersweet one for the band, for despite the upcoming release of their second album, two of the band mates were leaving and was therefore the last night all original members would share the same stage. Coming Home was particularly poignant, as this was a homecoming gig of sorts; and the audience, treating it as such, was incredibly warm and receptive. The Sparrow and Broken Records collaboration with O’Sullivan and Sutherland sharing lead vocals is soul-destroyingly beautiful. A blend of folk, acoustic, eastern violin/ strings, this 7 member band is a force to reckon with. Excellent.

With a vast majority of Edinburgh’s small yet well-connected music scene in the audience support and celebrate one its favourite bands, this was definitely one of the best gigs I’ve been to this year.

By Tali Deeb

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