Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

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"First of all, Solar Bears is one of the most brilliant band names I have seen recently. Second of all, the music is incredibly relaxed yet upbeat, and definitely worth a check out. 
Rather simple drum beats bring together an ocean of sounds that can only really be described as colourful. Solar Bears' debut album (they have released an EP called Inner Sunshine, some of which's tracks also appear on here) She Was Coloured In is a beautiful mix of ambience, IDM, and disco, the word 'neon' is incredibly appropriate. Vocals are used extremely sparsely, in a way that easily recalls Kraftwerk - listening to the second song on the album, 'Children of the Times', has somehow gotten 'Computer World' 
But through the elements of krautrock, there's a tint of flourish, and upbeat, hypnotising sounds. The music is almost danceable, but will most likely have you lying in your bed, looking at the ceiling. I can imagine putting this on in a crowded room and people falling silent as they start to listen to the music. 
You would think that with such a specific sound, She Was Coloured In might become dull. It doesn't. Each song provides enough variation on the theme that every time as the songs fade in and out the next song - while not distinct - starts to stand out. There are no songs on this album that I would probably be able to pick out and tell you 'that's that song', but at the same time, there are no songs that I would say 'next please' to. "
Artist: Solar Bears
Album: She Was Coloured In

Label: Planet Mu

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