FOUND at the Voodoo Rooms

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Thursday the third of March found me in the Ballroom of the Voodoo Rooms, listening to an indie pop mix of songs ranging from Neon Indian to Animal Collective. Tonight launch was celebrating the launch of their third album - Factorycraft - and gathered were a very large chunk of Edinburgh's music scene people-you-should-probably-know.

The band bounced onto stage and Ziggy Campbell laid out exactly how the evening would go ahead: the band would play Factorycraft in it's entirety, we would listen, they would go off stage, we would clap and stamp our feet, they would come back on for an encore. And that is exactly what happened.

Having not heard the album, I can't really say how it compares to being performed live - I also missed my chance to buy it at the gig, I had to wake up rather early and had a long way to go home - but the songs were rock songs. There was distortion, there was reverb, there were shout outs to Irish rock influences. The music kept you bobbing your head, and if I were reviewing an album I would insert the phrase 'no filler' here. The show swung towards a more experimental noise drenched sound towards the second half (after the halfway point Tommy proclaimed that on the vinyl version, you would now flip the LP around), still clinging firmly to that sound so firmly present when using a drum machine - mechanical yet melodic, and a bit overwhelming, but by the end this came quite drenched in distortion and wah wah.

I guess it's telling that FOUND have been able to garner such a devout audience here in Edinburgh - the front row was packed full of people from the last time I saw them, who knew all of the words to all of the songs and were vehemently bobbing up and down, and while the room wasn't quite packed, it was clear that their newest album indicated something, even if I'm not quite sure what.

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