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30 reasons #albumshow30 rocked
1. The most packed studio ever – JP & Fin were joined by their best guests from the last eighteen months: Ellie, Max Reinhardt, JY, Christian, Simon and of course Richard Vause and Emma Segal

2. Emma and Richard’s last Fresh Air show – and Richard’s first radio show for a year

3. Vause actually made it – despite pulling god knows how many all nighters beforehand to get his dissertation done: LADGEND

4. The first twist – all the guests were shocked to find they had to rate each others’ albums out of five so the winner could be crowned the Album Show’s Ultimate Guest of 2010/2011 and it got very competitive

5. Ellie’s Special Fail – Ellie was the first guest to play a track from her chosen album and the Specials’ Enjoy Yourself only scored 18 out of 40 when her fellow guests rated it

6. The guests kept coming – Cathy and Harry turned up and danced their way through the show

7. The first ever vinyl track played on the Album Show – JY played Go Your Own Way from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and scored a massive rating of 34.5 out of 40

8. The first time anyone ever swore on the Album Show – Fin began his live track by dropping the f-bomb

9. The longest most epic rap ever on the Album Show – JP spat lyrics all over the studio for a mindblowing three minutes despite the neighbours complaining at his 1am rehearsals the night before

10. Percy Pigs galore – Fin bought a ridiculous amount for the guests to tuck into

11. First ever play of the Unicorns on the Album Show– Simon’s bizarre album choice was rated 25 out of 40

12. Max Reinhardt’s ridiculous backwards rating system – “that was pretty funky: I’d give it, er, two out of five”

13. The incredible #albumshow30 banner – it was huge and all the guests signed it

14. The return of the bejewelled Album Show host t-shirts –and JP even ironed his

15. First ever live jingle – the studio guests did some amazing barber shop quartet singing and the final result was a treat of a jingle

16. First time ever Madonna was the Phenomenalbum – Vause guessed The Immaculate Collection, the legend

17. First ever Album Show caption competition – courtesy of a hilarious Media Ball pic of JP & Fin

18. Max brought back Weezer – Say It Ain’t So from The Blue Album got a rating of 26 out of 40

19. Strategic Voting – Rate My Album soon descended into Eurovision tactics

20. Pass the Parcel – Even though Simon didn’t know how to play, and JP blatantly rigged it, it was a success. From the forfeits we discovered JY will miss Vause’s elaborate collection of small American schoolboy outfits, his thighs and his DJ equipment the most. We also discovered Harriet would most like to sit in a dark room with Cathy and listen to an album ‘cos she’s the sexiest. And Simon chose to Snog Emma, Marry Vause and Avoid Charlie Sheen. They all won chocolate and Vause won a triple album of very odd songs very personal to Rich, eg, “Big Hunk of Love”.

21. We were trending in Libya and Tunisia – possibly.

22. Cathy and Harry describing Ace of Bass as “the Abba of the 20th century” – their album scored a competitive 34, just 0.5 behind JY’s Rumours

23. The return of Wizard and Atrocious – As the guests rated each others’ albums, they scored marks for being those classic Album Show adages, “wizard” or “atrocious”

24. The first surprise message – Ex-Head of Production at Fresh Air Dan Moss left a nice message from London to wish Emma and Rich all the best and congratulate them on their hard work at Fresh Air over the past four years.

25. The second surprise message – Last year’s Station Manager Tim Burke, also in London, left a “This Is Your Life” message for the twosome to wish them well too. By now Emma was pretty much crying. Vause was pretty chuffed too.

26. Emma’s funky album – Caribou’s Odessa from the album Swim was Segal’s choice and it scored 29.5

27. The return of Chrimlach! – Yes, that’s right, we also got the show’s biggest fan from last year, Chris Imlach, to record a wistful piece for Emma and Rich and we just couldn’t stopped playing clips of it over Vause’s track...

28. Vause’s EPIC winner – Well played Vause, with a cunning choice of Take That he overthrew JY with a rating of 36.5 to be the ALBUM SHOW’S ULTIMATE GUEST OF 2010/2011.

29. Bookending with Bowie – The first track played of the Album Show in 2010/2011 was the first track from Fin’s favourite album, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, way back in September and Fin played us out with the last track from it. JP also opened #albumshow30 with a track from his fave album, Peter Gabriel’s OVO, a year after first playing it on Fresh Air.

30. It was the best show we’ve ever done – by a long way. Thanks to all the Fresh Air legends, past, present and future, who made it all possible. As Vause said, VIVA FRESH AIR.



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