Ghostpoet & Metronomy at Cabaret Voltaire

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To warm us up with some trip hop - weirdly rhythmical and danceable - Ghostpoet let loose what I would love to call ‘some mean rhymes’ but can’t, because he was largely inaudible. I am almost one hundred percent sure that this was on purpose, and part of his style. In no way, shape, or form was the music bad, and I - along with large proportions of the crowd - was definitely moving along, but putting a phazer on vocals may have stolen some of a hip hop artist’s effectiveness. The music was a soaked mix of TunE-YarDs and Portishead, not a comparison that I would think of as a bad one, but the rhythm - which was distinctly 1 - 2 - 3 - break - was more clear-cut and instantly relatable. His recent airplay on BBC 6 seems well deserved, and the gig was a very welcome introduction to what seems an interesting artist representative of the current musical environment.

Metronomy jumped on stage with sterile white disks attached to the right side of their chests, which made it look like they were all wearing one sided full cup brassiere. Starting the set with a series of slower slightly more mournful songs, taking big scoops of songs from The English Riviera - songs which feature heavy textures and layering on the album - seemed to quite well for that sense of build up. As the night progressed the music started getting louder, and the beats got more intense, leaving behind the slower new material for songs of old, ending before (what I guess counts as the second encore) with the incredibly sing-a-long Radio Ladio. By then most everyone in the room was dancing along, and their UFO shaped saucers were flashing madly along to the rhythms (making the audio-visual geek in me wonder how they had set that up). The band came back on stage to play one last mad instrumental to appease the crowd, ending the night on an extreme high note.

With a type of electro pop rock that recalls a less refined Hot Chip - at least up to their latest album, which could give the indie electro band benchmark a run for their money - Metronomy look like they’re on their way for conquering a pretty strong current of young music listeners with an ear for the dancier side of indie.  

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