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Washed out is the musical alias used by Ernest Greene, an American musician. His music first came to the attention of music bloggers after they noticed the music he was making from his bedroom in the rural town of Perry, Georgian. As his popularity grew he released two Washed Out EPs in 2009. His music is described as being part of the Chillwave movement, which refers to music characterised by heavy effects processing, looping, sampling, synthesisers with minimal vocals and simple lyrics. Washed Out performed at the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival and the song "Feel it All Around" featured in the opening credits Portlandia, an indie sketch comedy showcase. In April 2011 Greene was signed by Sub Pop Records and released his debut album, Within Without in July this year. Eyes Be Closed from the debut album is his most recent hit and he has also supported Beach House at some of their recent gigs.

Check out the video to his lastest single, Eyes Be Closed, below.

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