Fresh Fringe Recommends: Cave Singers - 17th August - Cabaret Voltaire

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Originating from Seattle (a place as rainy as Edinburgh is at the moment) in the United States, The Cave Singers came together from a number of different bands to be signed by Matador Records in 2007. A quirky three piece, their music is cosy folk for a rainy day. Their first album, Invitation Songs was released in 2007, followed by Welcome Joy in 2009 on Matador records. The third and most recent album, No Witch was released in February of this year after the band switched to Jagjaguwar record label. No Witch has a slightly darker sound but some lovely gospel inflections, a “churning trippy smoke-hazed fare”. The Cave Singers will be supported by Blank Canvas, a local Edinburgh band.

The Cave Singers: Haystacks 

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