Fresh Fringe Recommends: Chad VanGaalen - 19th August - Sneaky Pete's

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Of the 4 albums released by the Canadian artist Chad VanGaalen, all have been intensely crafted by the man himself, he is his own producer, plays most of the instruments involved in the records and also creates his own album artwork and videos. A mixture of folk music, indie rock and electronic with some very beautiful lyrics VanGaalen’s music has gradually been attracting more attention. He released his first album Infiniheart in 2005, followed by Skelliconnection (2006) and Soft Airplane (2008). Soft Airplane received much international acclaim and VanGaalen toured the album extensively. His fourth studio album, Diaper Island was released in May 2011. Supporting him at Sneaky Pete’s on the 19th will be Jesus H Foxx a seven-piece band from Edinburgh, who have been described by the Skinny as “shambolic, rambunctious and utterly charming”. 

Chad VanGaalen: City of Electric Light 

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