‘Proportions’ by The Hands Of The Wrong People

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The second full-length album from Berlin-based The Hands Of The Wrong People is a catchy affair. Their intricate post-rock songs soon begin to stick in the memory, making repeat listenings to this album a rewarding experience. Standouts include ‘Jaws Of Victory’, ‘One More Step’ and ‘Bingo’, and the writing loses none of its commitment throughout. The lyrics and vocals suit well the style of the songs, although it does appear that the vocals may have been turned down in favour of the guitars in an attempt to hide some of the limitations of singer Dominic Hislop’s voice, which for the most part does the job but could do with slightly more range in places. All in all, this is an album from a band with considerable talent in both writing and performance and the individual identity to stand out.

- Ed Cooke

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