Miaoux Miaoux, Discopolis, and North Atlantic Oscillation at Limbo in the Voodoo Rooms

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Limbo is a sporadic night organized by a group of people who seem to have their fingers well on the pulse of Edinburgh's music scene - disproving complaints that the city is thick with folk, or anti-folk musicians, and that this so called scene is limiting other bands' chances when it comes to getting or organizing gigs (ranting about how untrue that is garners enough fodder for an article in and of itself and has been done a multitude of times before, so for now, if you want proof that things aren't so dim, attend one of these - excuse the word - eclectic evenings).

Last night Limbo featured a smashing three piece line up of Miaoux Miaoux, Discopolis, and North Atlantic Oscillation. Each band presents a different take on using samples, fazers, and drum beats, and what you can do with the wide array of electronic equipment out there. Unfortunately I missed Miaoux Miaoux's performance (who I have seen before and is excellent), arriving just in time for Discopolis. They played an ear blasting style of electro-pop that reminded me of Hot Chip's operatic vocals slammed together with LCD's slow build up that explodes into a force of sound that compels you to bop your head, and if the room wasn't so sparsely populated, probably dance as well.

The highlight of the night was North Atlantic Oscillation. The band has been around for a while and recently added a fourth member to the line up. I've seen them twice before, and each time I've walked away with a slight feeling of dissatisfaction. They suffer slightly from a focus on perfection - sounding like they do on record - rather than an engagement with the crowd. And that's what happens - they sound perfect, and the music is great and overwhelming, and it comes together really well, but at the end of the show you're left feeling a bit like you could have spent that hour in your room, watching them on the telly.

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