The Vertigos - Rubix

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English indie rock band The Vertigos seems to have the right intuition about what’s needed to make a good song, while lacking the means to make it happen.

The first track and single, “Rubix,” wants to make you dance around your room. The opening notes try to build to something inspiring, but the song’s mixing never quite allows it to get there. Instead, the vocals remain barely audible, and the song focuses on heavy, simple beats and a repetitive chorus. The percussion remains bland and the electronic infusions seem perfunctory.

The second, more atmospheric track, “Saint,” is more successful. Its instrumental passages invoke Explosions in the Sky and deemphasize the weak percussion and otherwise thin, limited vocals. Here, the band hits its emotional mark far more effectively.

-Hannah Yung

Overall, The Vertigos have potential, but lack the production polish and all the tools to make them stand out.

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