Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

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It starts off with the remarkably upbeat “Honey Bunny”, the first song of the album that came with a video shortly after the album’s release, a song about love which quickly turns, well, awkward when suddenly the song slows down Christopher Owens seems to start talking about his mother.

It’s this kind of lyricism and song writing that have made Girls stand out to me. Owens’ Costelloesque writing style captured my attention on The Broken Dreams Club EP, and their acoustic-style songs backed up by ephemeral haze that can burst into a power chorus at any moment is something that isn’t missing from Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Whilst The Broken Dreams Club EP did lend itself to more of that sonic experimentation, Father, Son, Holy Ghost sticks closer to what Album delivered - better defined, catchy, pop songs that seem incredibly familiar (Girls do this so well that the first time I listened to The Broken Dreams Club EP I was convinced the first song - “Thee Oh So Protective One” - was a Costello cover). Like any of the other Girls albums though, it did take a couple of spins before I was completely won over.

But what Girls do they do extremely well. A tendency to break up songs into segments that will have you anticipating that change in future listens is what makes listening to this album so worth-wile. A definite contender for album of the year.

- Simon Vansintjan

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