Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard at The Third Door

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It is rare to see a headlining act get up on stage with no announcement and begin to casually set up
all of his gear. It is even rarer to see a man, moments before launching into an incredible 2.5 hour
set take off a sock and then stick it over his microphone, but then again...most men are not Jeffrey
Lewis. Most notable for his “low budget music videos” accompanied by long spindling tales made
famous on Youtube, Jeffrey Lewis is the epitome of the DIY band gone famous. His songs vary from
heavy screaming punk to clever acoustic folk with words that leave you smiling, and his gig at the 3rd
door in Edinburgh was no exception.

The mood was set perfectly by Seth Faergolzia, the front man of the 15 piece band Dufus. He
blended back and forth between jokes, manic acoustic and outrageous glitch sequences off his ipod.
To say the man is completely a maniac on stage would be a gross understatement of the beauty and
insanity that he provided.

As Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard took the stage I had a genuine fear that this was going to be
a massive anticlimax. There was no applause whatsoever. He simply sauntered on and took 10
minutes to start hooking up his effects pedals, projector screen and microphones. It wasn’t until
he started singing that it was evident why he is the hero of the anti-folk movement. His voice is at
times sweet and at others guttural, and twists words that are simple and effective. His audience was
captivated and seemed like they could barely move beyond nodding their heads in approval. I am
not entirely ruling out that the crowd was too cool to dance...thus is the crowd that Jeffrey Lewis
seems to draw. The man is relentless in his honest interpretations of life on the road, the history of
mankind and modern politics. He strongly urged the crowd to take to the streets to join the occupy
movement and I for one felt inspiration from him.

As the gig came to a close I managed a couple of words with Jeffrey.

Freshair: “Hey, great gig! How did you think it went?”

Jeffrey Lewis: “Yeah it was great. I let the drummer choose the set list! It was a departure from what
I would have chosen, but I think I’m going to start letting the band choose the set list all the time.”

FA: “What’s next for you guys?”

Jeffrey Lewis: “We are going to get some dinner. Hey, do you know anyone that could put us up

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