Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Nothing But Our Love

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Electropop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s latest EP, Nothing But Our Love perfectly balances the heavy with the light to create an open, listenable record. The band combines twee effects such as choral “na na nas" and tambourines with raspy vocals and fluttering distortion, reminiscent of both Girls and Jens Lekman. Unlike many of their electronic contemporaries, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. never allows the distortion to take control of their song or become a wall of oppressive sound. The band understands the value of giving their songs space to breathe, and, as a result, the EP manages to be both weightless and grounded. The vocals attempt to echo the balance that the rest of the music manages, contrasting darkly romantic lyrics with carefree delivery. In the end, however, the lyrics end up being negligible. After a few listens, I still couldn’t remember a single line. But while Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s latest EP may not be particularly substantive, it remains enjoyable.

- Hannah Yung

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