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It’s been an exciting year-and-a-bit for Yasmin. Following on from the success of “Finish Line” last May, “Light Up (The World)” - her collaboration with Ms Dynamite - has already become perhaps the catchiest song of 2012 so far.

Speaking to Fresh Air Station Manager JP, Yasmin explained how 2012 is likely to be even bigger for her, with an album in production and lots of shows scheduled. “I don’t like to think about being the biggest top 20 artist or whatever, though,” the 23 year old said. “I’m a very independent person in music and in life. It can be hard being a loner but I know that no one wants it as bad as me.”

A lot of artists come out with this sort of statement but with Yasmin it feels genuine and thought-out. She manages to almost quote her own record when describing how she hopes she is an inspiration to people going it alone and is humble and grateful when I suggest people connect to her music because of its honesty and simplicity in message. “I’m not a poet and I just say what I mean lyrically. Hopefully my music stands out when it comes on the radio as a result; it’s really nice when I hear from someone that it has.”

Her successes extend beyond just making music, though. “I first started DJing when I was 17 and still am today. That was where I first learnt I had a talent for choosing music that people enjoy, old and new. I’ll always stick to what I feel works rather than have my people get involved, that way if it flies or if it falls, it was me who made the calls and I’ll have no regrets.” Her independence will be evident on the new album, too. “The Ms Dynamite record is actually the only collaboration on the album – it’s very much about tracks I have chosen to be on it. And the theme of being brave and making your own way is clear throughout the record.”

Yasmin is clearly excited for 2012, and so she should be. She didn’t reveal a date for the album, but did mention how partial she is to Glasgow so expect her north of the border some time soon.

Yasmin’s single “Light Up (The World)” is out now; upcoming gig details can be found at www.yasminsworld.com

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