James Blake – Enough Thunder

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The arrival of James Blake’s muchly anticipated new EP ‘Enough Thunder’ threw

music critics into a frenzy; whereas before Blake was exalted for his mixture of
heart-rendering vocals cutting across clever dubstep, this time round Blake has
revealed a softer, more soulful side, making ‘Enough thunder’ predominantly
showcasing Blake’s talented vocals with only a piano to accompany him. What
becomes frustrating is how so many ‘experts’ slammed Blake for his ‘undubstep’
sound which they believe would alienate his accumulated dubstep fan-base.

However, although ‘Enough Thunder’ may not be as cutting edge as the critics
may have hoped, Blake’s talent is undeniable and this time round it is his
quivering vocals that deserve the praise, the title track ‘Enough Thunder’ is a
perfect example of this. But perhaps this is most notable in his Joni Mitchell
cover of ‘A case of you’, leaving the listener in awe of Blake’s distinguishable
vocal. Blake self-confessed in an interview with pitchfork back in April
that ‘Although I'm making this heavy dance music, I sometimes just sit down at
the piano and just sing. It's like that's my ultimate calling’. This is not to say that
Blake’s individual style has been lost. In the previously released collaboration
with Bon Iver’s impeccable Justin Vernon, which is arguably the standout
track of the EP, ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir’ reveals Blake’s capability to evoke such
emotional resonance without opening his mouth. In ‘We might feel unsound’,
although it harks back to what music critics would determine traditionally Blake-
esque, is perhaps one of the most forgettable tracks. Perhaps the most pleasing
track for those who wish to hear more of songs similar to Blake’s previous
self-titled album would be ‘Not long now’ where we are able to see a gradual
crescendo into a heavier side, which has remnants of ‘Unluck’.

Although this EP is not a predominantly dubstep track, it shows his diversity,
placing him more in the Soul genre.

Helen Hargreave

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