Nero live show – Newcastle 02 Academy 12th October

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London hailing electronic dubstep duo Nero are currently touring the UK with their live show. Tickets
were in high demand at a mere £10 and so the venue was full to the brim with excited Nero fans
ready to dance. The supporting DJ’s set could only be described as intense very heavy dubstep not
for the faint hearted. He did play some excellent tunes but at the same time some of it got a bit dull
and repetitive. However, the atmosphere once Nero began was actually electric, the whole room
sprung to life. One thing that made the live show better than some other dance acts was that the
set list was not just a re-ordering of the album but a whole unique music experience in its self. There
was remixes of many of the songs and samples of songs used within others.

As far as a performance goes, it can often be difficult for a dance act like this to be visually engaging,
however on the occasions that I stopped dancing like a lunatic to actually watch, they were pretty
impressive. Performing with a live singer is always a nice touch for a dance act as well as a striking
set. They DJ-ed from behind a gigantic desk made up of lights and TV screens upon which the singer

All in all it was an incredible night, I don’t think anyone left having not enjoyed it. There was a really
friendly buzz amongst the crowd which consisted of quite a mix of people from chavs to hippies to
indie kids all brought together for one night of amazing dubstep.

- Hannah Brown

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