Twin Sister at Sneaky Petes

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While Twin Sisters latest album In Heaven (2011 Domino Records) is delicate and bubbles on in a soft drone, I was quite surprised and pleased by the power and hypnotic nature of their live performance.

On the album, the main vocals of Andrea Estella and Eric Cardona seem blended and perhaps in some ways irreverently interchangeable, live their voices are more distinctive. Carried by the hearty lugs of the drummer Bryan Ujueta the mood of the songs find a more active voice that sometimes ranges from bizarre Japanese ‘Hello Kitty’ gigapet cheese to dank gothic city cyber punk haze in a personalized form of chillwave. At the maxim of it, Twin Sister’s live sound should be bottled into bulky headphones walking around the city, bass turned up, and with each vocalist sitting on either shoulder.

Songs performed without the full band in the middle of the set lacked the attention and calm reflection sought. During these songs the band found it hard to maintain the attention of the crowd in the back with inane chatter punctuating the low tempo. At the heart of it, Twin Sister is a talented band, best served live.

- Laura Underwood

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