Lanterns On The Lake - Electric Circus - 30th November 2011

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North-East England based 6-piece; Lanterns on the Lake ended their European tour with a fantastic performance at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on Wednesday night. I attended the gig not knowing what to expect, somehow a-mid all the gigs going on in Newcastle, I never managed to see this band perform live. Having heard great things about their live shows I greatly anticipated the evening’s performance, and it did not disappoint.

Opening their set with ‘Lungs Quicken’ was a beautiful way to start the show. As far as performance goes, Lanterns on the Lake provided an interesting visual. The stage was lit by fairy lights which created a magical atmosphere, perfectly complimenting Hazel’s beautiful and enchanting vocals. Paul, at times, chose to play his guitar with a violin bow, creating a haunting musical backdrop. I think to truly appreciate this band, you must see them live. Their recorded tracks just don’t do them justice.

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