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The Main Stage at T in the Park 2013

Oh my days! T in the Park was quite simply, the best. Lots of people I know had always said it was the best weekend of their year. I loled. But actually, they were right.

The main arena didn’t open until 4pm on Friday 12th July, but Fresh Air arrived early. See the arena looking weirdly empty in this video:

The media pass allowed access to the VIP area and of course media village. Here’s me trying to control my excitement and explain that:

Early Friday Diary

(I got a strange look off the nice security man as I babbled into a microphone while strolling on past)

Right - onto the music.

Friday kicked off with The Proclaimers - classic. Every one of their songs is a singalong hit and the crowd were loving it. They finished, of course, with 500 miles.

Then, it was on to the Radio 1 stage to experience Jake Bugg who, in honesty, I hadn’t really appreciated until now. He is brilliant. The sun was absolutely baking, his music was perfect. Big shout out to the snapback champion in this pic…

Jake Bugg on the Radio 1 Stage

Then, on Friday evening, Scotland’s own Calvin Harris. Oh. My. Days. Never before have I experience a crowd like I did at the front of the of Calvin Harris. It was absolutely bouncing. Also, I lost my sunglasses. RIP sunglasses.

SPOTTED BACKSTAGE on Friday: The Proclaimers, Rudimental

On then to Saturday. As I emerged from the tent, I discovered that I had very little voice left after singing and chanting along to Calvin the night before. So unfortunately, no audio diary of Saturday as I sounded, literally, dreadful.

Did a bit of stage hopping on Saturday and saw all kinds of people including: Lawson, Ke$ha, Snoop Doggy Lion, The Script and actual Rihanna. Rihanna was incredible. She reportedly arrived with an entourage of 100 people and eight articulated lorries of stuff. Some of the people who work for her apparently could get nowhere near her, and some media pals were shut down when they tried to take a picture of her dressing room. None of that even matters when you see her perform live. She was awesome. Phenomenal. I’m a bit of a cynic when artists go for “cheap cheers” simply by saying the word “Scotland.” But every time RiRi said it, I just about passed out. She was the best. Here’s a grainy photo:

Actual Rihanna

SPOTTED BACKSTAGE on Saturday: Nina Nesbitt, The Lumineers, Alt-J, Lucy Spraggan

As a break to demonstrate where my chat about Sunday starts, here’s a picture of some Tennent’s with the writing from the cup reflected in the beer:

Arty T

By Sunday, I had the swinging of my media-banded wrist in the direction of gatekeepers down to a tee and was becoming quite a dab hand at elbowing my way forward in crowds - it was just as well - Sunday, was “The Killers” day.

Also on Sunday I saw Bastille, Stereophonics and Two Door Cinema Club. It was while hanging out at the side of the stage at TDCC, I bumped into this massive legend (literally…he’s very tall) - actual Greg James from BBC Radio 1, shown in this very big photo:

Greg James Lad

Greg was a top chap and he stood and chatted for about 10 minutes. He seemed tired having just finished a week of sofa surfing but he was so so nice. Was great to meet him.

And Sunday evening - The Killers. Absolutely brilliant. Actually awesome. The best.

The Killers

It was a phenomenal weekend. I encourage everyone to get on YouTube or BBC iPlayer or anywhere to witness the brilliant music that was on. I hope some of the stuff on here has brought T in the Park a bit closer to you - sometimes festivals can seem very far away and altogether a bit “showbiz.” But I’m a normal chap who got very lucky and got to experience the 20th Year of T in the Park at first hand with the aim of bringing it a bit closer to those who couldn’t make it. As part of that we spoke to some punters at the festival…none of whom seemed able to avoid swearing so I’ll quickly sum up what they said replacing a favourite swear word, with the words, “apple pie”:

“This was a mother apple pie weekend. The Killers were apple pie magic!” “Brilliant!” “I am apple pied, but Rihanna was apple pie hot.”

If you didn’t get there this year, go next year. You’ll have the best weekend of your year.

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