Live Review: Chase and Status + Skream @ Potterow, 02/10/09

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Review by Daniel Stanoescu

Friday nights at Potterow are generally full of well meaning students, ready to rave, and this Friday was no different. This time, Potterow hosted what must have been THE dubstep concert of this fall on the Edinburgh scene.

Featuring a live set by Chase & Status and a special set by Skream, the vibes coming from the vinyl were getting everybody on the dance floor. Chase & Status had an interesting set considering the confines of their warm up slot. MC Tonn Piper excited the crowdand kept things interesting. The music was more upbeat than your usual dubstep tune; needless to say, they managed to get the place dancing.

By the time Skream took over the decks, it was close to midnight. The room seemed to have grown in an instant; people were pouring out onto the dancefloor out of nowhere in anticipation. With the crowd now warmed up and ready to party, Skream started spinning. 10 Minutes in, everybody was moving, dancing, jumping and raving. The sounds were too provocative to ignore, made obvious by the change of mood in the crowd with everybody getting sucked into the music. With the base rattling my bones it was hard not to get into it. Halfway through the set, it did start to get slightly repetitive; recognising the risk of this, MC Tony Piper got on the stage and added his unique brand of jungle and hip-hop to the mix. With 30 minutes to go, Skream decided to spice things up a bit, playing recognisable but crowd-pleasing tunes from the likes of La Roux. The most interesting part of the evening was the preview of dubplates from Skreamʼs upcoming new album, an upgraded dubstep sound that everybody was loving. The set was one of Skreamʼs best; however, it felt as though a lot of people were waiting to hear more of his old classics. All in all it was a great alternative for a rainy Friday night!

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