Interview: Animal Kingdom, 06/10/09

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Jason Hadlow caught up with Warner Music’s Animal Kingdom at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut Glasgow about the importance of making music people can feel.

The Band are: Richard – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Piano Hamish – Bass Wayne – Guitar Jeff – Drums

Fresh Air: So How did it all begin?

Richard: We (Richard and Wayne) started playing together; doing open mic nights and doing more acoustic based gigs. We met Jeff and Hamish through one of my friends in Goldsmith, still continuing to do more acoustic stuff. Hamish: We then found the more we played together, the sound developed into what we have now.

How did the whole Warner Music thing happen?

Jeff: We hooked up with a management company who got us in touch with Warner. The album was recorded before we joined Warner Music. Richard: It took a while to get signed; Wayne and I were playing together for a year and a half/ two years. We then formed with the other guys and spent another couple of years playing various gigs in London, hoping one day an A & R person turns up and notices us. Finally that day came!

Fresh Air: So it is quite hard to get singed then?

Richard: It’s quite hard as there are so many bands in London. Jeff: We were pretty dedicated to doing two evenings and a Saturday afternoon every week.

Fresh Air: So where next?

Hamish: Birmingham, Southampton, and hopefully America as the track ‘Tin Man’ was ITunes single of the week out there.

How would you describe the Animal Kingdom Sound?

Richard: Always a hard one, that question… Hamish: Dark, Melancholic, Indie….

What would be your most extravagant purchase?

Hamish: A ‘Caroplane’; a car turns into a plane! Jeff: A studio? Wayne: Small Planet or Tiny Island? Richard: I would buy Fresh Air Radio and then we could ask you, Jason! ‘What would be your most extravagant purchase?’ Jason (Interviewing): Hm… Would probably have to be my Apple Mac! Richard: If it’s what we actually bought, it would be my 1962 Fender Jaguar Guitar, which I never play because I’m frightened of damaging it at gigs.

Their Debut album ‘Signs And Wonders’ is out now, and pulls you into a sonic landscape of dreamy, melancholic riffs, superb musicianship and tantalising vocals. Taking you from the heartfelt ‘Silence Summons You’ to the more rock/pop edged ‘Walls of Jericho’, each track is beautifully crafted to evoke a unique and uplifting twist. This can only be truly understood from listening to them. It’s fair to say after meeting and interviewing the guys, they are some of the most welcoming and down to earth musicians I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to.

Click HERE to visit Animal Kingdom’s myspace Click Here to visit Animal Kindgom’s website

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